The Unbelievable $5,000 Discovery in a Winnipeg Air Duct

In the world of duct cleaning, Earl Masanque and his team at The Duct Stories in Winnipeg encounter a multitude of challenges – rats, bullets, layers of dust, and the occasional need for dryer vent cleaning Winnipeg. However, their recent discovery during a routine job in the William Whyte neighborhood turned out to be anything but ordinary. In what can only be described as a stroke of luck, one of Masanque’s technicians stumbled upon an old Quik can harboring an unexpected treasure – $5,000 in cash, minted back in the 1970s.

The Astonishing Find

According to Masanque, the 23-year-old owner of The Duct Stories, the discovery occurred on January 24 when a technician named Arthur was opening up a return vent. Initially considering the Quik can as a relic, the team contemplated discarding it until the homeowner expressed curiosity about its contents. What unfolded next was truly astonishing.

“When we first saw it, we just saw a bunch of ones. So we didn’t think it was that much until we started pulling everything out, and then there were like 20s, 50s, 100s, and we just kind of freaked out from there,” Masanque explained.

A Turning Point for The Duct Stories

The $5,000 in cash, carefully tucked away in the duct, was promptly handed over to the homeowner. The discovery marked a turning point for The Duct Stories, not only in terms of a unique experience but also as an opportunity to underscore the importance of regular air duct maintenance.

Masanque emphasized, “A lot of the homeowners, they don’t really pay attention to their vents. But that is the air you’re breathing in your home. It is extremely, extremely important to get it cleaned and get it sanitized. The service is only every two to five years, so it’s not a yearly thing.”

Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning in Winnipeg

Here lies the importance of services such as dryer vent cleaning Winnipeg, a crucial aspect often overlooked by homeowners. Beyond the accumulation of dust, lint, and potential fire hazards, the incident highlights that one might stumble upon unexpected treasures during routine maintenance.

Proudly Filipino-Owned Business

The Duct Stories, a “loud and proud” Filipino-owned business, has been operating for the last three years, offering comprehensive duct, dryer vent, and HVAC system cleaning for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Earl Masanque, who initially began as an HVAC apprentice, credits the unwavering support of the Filipino community in Winnipeg for the success of his venture.

“Most of our clients are Filipinos, so yeah, that’s a pretty cool thing about our business. It just shows how supportive the Filipino community is,” Masanque proudly stated.

A Dedicated Clientele and Eagerness for Discoveries

The company, having serviced approximately 3,500 homes over the last few years, boasts a dedicated clientele. While not every day brings about exciting finds like the $5,000 windfall, Masanque and his team remain eager to uncover what other hidden surprises may be lurking in Winnipeg’s air ducts.

Contributions to Community Well-being

In the midst of the extraordinary discovery, The Duct Stories takes pride in contributing to the well-being of the community by promoting cleaner and healthier living environments. Beyond the financial aspect, the incident serves as a reminder to homeowners about the potential benefits of routine air duct maintenance, including improved indoor air quality and the prevention of potential safety hazards.

A Call to Action

As Winnipeg residents reflect on this remarkable story, it serves as a call to action for those who may have neglected their home’s ventilation systems. The Duct Stories encourages everyone to consider the importance of services like dryer vent cleaning Winnipeg, not just for the sake of potential surprises but for the overall health and safety of their homes.

In the News: Captivating the Community

In the news, The Duct Stories’ extraordinary find, coupled with their commitment to services such as dryer vent cleaning Winnipeg, has captivated the community, adding a touch of excitement to an otherwise routine maintenance task. The story stands as a testament to the unexpected surprises that may be awaiting homeowners who take the necessary steps to maintain their air ducts regularly.

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